The power to

The Future of Farming

Step into the light with Delvirogrow LED Horticultural Lighting. Where cutting edge LED technology meets the
advancing world of agronomics.

With unparalleled performance and innovative design you’ll never have to compromise on lighting quality again.
The reasons to grow with Delvirogrow are as vast as the crop you yield

Our LED Advantage

Made in Canada

Delvirogrow LED horticultural luminaires are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada.

Low Maintenance Costs

Our LED fixtures have virtually no maintenance cost as compared to traditional HID fixtures which need constant bulb replacement.

Long Life

Our LED grow lights have a predicted lifetime (to 70% of the initial light output) of more than 100,000+ Hrs.

Electricity Costs

Delvirogrow lighting fixtures are approximately 40% more efficient than traditional HPS lighting.

Environmentally Friendly

Delvirogrow lighting fixtures contain no mercury as compared to metal halide fixture.

Plug and Play System

Our LED lighting fixture are ready to use out of the box. Hang and plug directly into any standard electrical socket.

Less Heat

Less heat allows the LED system to be placed closer to your crops. This increases light intensity and light optimization.



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